Draw for the love of drawing. You don’t need a reason.

Hello, Bonjoir, Hola! …and that, I’m afraid is about as far as my skills in linguistics go..

Fortunately for me, I do like to think that  there is one tiny little spark of hope when it comes to something I’m actually pretty good at. All things Arty Farty!

Now, I’m not going to sit here and toot my own flute. As I know I’m not exactly ‘Mona Lisa’ kinda league. But I do like to think I have a knack for drawing – in my own style.

I draw for FUN, and I hope this reflects in some of my drawings.

This is my first ever blog (meaning I have no idea what I’m doing just yet) The purpose for this blog is purely so I can maybe share the one thing I enjoy most in life -with you, and I hope you get some enjoyment from it too.